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M.F. Peter, J.A. Ruland, P. Depping, N. Schneberger, E. Severi, J. Moecking, K. Gatterdam, S. Tindall, A. Durand, V. Heinz, J.P. Siebrasse, P.-A. Koenig, M. Geyer, C. Ziegler, U. Kubitscheck, G.H. Thomas, G. Hagelueken, "Structural and mechanistic analysis of a tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic TRAP transporter", Nature Communications, 2022, doi:

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I.V. Hochheiser, M. Pilsl, G. Hagelueken, J. Moecking, M. Marleaux, R. Brinkschulte, E. Latz, C. Engel, M. Geyer "Structure of the NLRP3 decamer bound to the cytokine release inhibitor CRID3", Nature, 2022, doi:


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I.V. Hochheiser, H. Behrmann, G. Hagelueken, J.F. Rodríguez-Alcázar, A. Kopp, E. Latz, E. Behrmann, M. Geyer, "Directionality of PYD filament growth determined by the transition of NLRP3 nucleation seeds to ASC elongation", biorxiv, 2021, doi:

I.V. Hochheiser, M. Pilsl, G. Hagelueken, J. Moecking, M. Marleaux, R. Brinkschulte, E. Latz, C. Engel, M. Geyer, "Cryo-EM structure of the NLRP3 decamer bound to the cytokine release inhibitory drug CRID3", biorxiv, 2021, doi:

M.F. Peter, C. Gebhardt, J. Glaenzer, N. Schneberger, M. de Boer, G.H. Thomas, T. Cordes, G. Hagelueken, "Triggering closure of a sialic acid TRAP transporter substrate binding protein through binding of natural and artificial substrates", Journal of Molecular Biology, 2021, 433, 166756, doi:


M. F. Peter, C. Gebhardt, R. Mächtel, J. Glaenzer, G.H. Thomas, T. Cordes, G. Hagelueken, "Cross-validation of distance measurements in proteins by PELDOR/DEER and single-molecule FRET", biorxiv, 2020, doi:

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