Radosław Nowak, PhD

Dr. Radosław Nowak is a Professor of Immune Engineering and Drug Discovery at the University of Bonn and a Steering Committee Member of the ImmunoSensation2 Cluster of Excellence in Bonn. Prior to joining University of Bonn Dr. Nowak completed a postdoctoral fellowship and became a senior scientist at the laboratory of Prof. Eric S. Fischer and a group leader and a member of the leadership team at the Center for Protein Degradation at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Dr. Nowak’s research focuses on development of degrader molecules and characterization of novel mechanisms of degradation. In his work, Dr. Nowak uncovered mechanistic principles that govern selectivity of targeted protein degraders including determination of first structures of cereblon with PROTAC molecules as well as developed molecular glue degraders of novel transcription factors. Dr. Nowak received a master’s degree in engineering science at the University of Oxford, and a DPhil in Systems Approaches in Biomedical Science IDC at the University of Oxford working with Prof. Udo Oppermann to study and identify small molecule inhibitors of histone lysine demthylases and ribosomal hydroxylases.